Free delivery with cargo bike in the municipality of Nijmegen

Unique opportunity for Nijmegen residents: do you live in Nijmegen and/or is your delivery address within a radius of 8 kilometers from our warehouse? Then Studio Vollebak will deliver the ordered products free of charge with the cargo bike.

Studio Vollebak is green, loves green and wants to encourage people to become green(er).

Not a delivery van that comes along with the purchased cargo bike items and/or gifts, but a (full) cargo bike loved by all of us.

When entering the delivery address, it is automatically calculated whether you are eligible for local delivery. As soon as you have paid for your order and the products have been prepared for delivery by us, we will contact you to set a day and time when Studio Vollebak's cargo bike will arrive with your order.

A green service from Studio Vollebak!

Information about delivery outside the radius of 8 kilometers from the Studio Vollebak warehouse and the delivery time can be found [here] .