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Studio Vollebak

Cargo bike cushion front + rear

Cargo bike cushion front + rear

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This set consists of a pillow for the standard bench and a pillow for the second bench. The pillows provide extra comfort and safety for your child(ren) in the cargo bike. The standard pillow offers a comfortable headrest and at the same time one softer seat on the bench (back and seat). The pillow also provides extra head/neck support of your child(ren).

The matching second pillow also provides extra comfort (back and seat) and completes the cargo bike!

The pillows are handmade in the Netherlands and are available in different colours. Both are easy to mount in the box, using the box's original straps. The fabric used is durable and water resistant . Important: the cargo bike pillows are only suitable for the Urban Arrow Family cargo bike.

  • Can be used in combination with rain cover essential and plus
  • Water repellent and weather resistant outer fabric
  • Extra advantageous set price

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